Vegan Millionaires Shortbread
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Vegan Millionaires Shortbread

These vegan chocolatey treats with maple syrup are just as sticky and moreish as the original Millionaire’s shortbreads. In addition, we have decided to add that extra salted caramel flavour using our natural flavoured Icing Sugars.In fact, with our Natural Flavoured Icing Sugar, you can bake these easy millionaires in any flavour. Try to make it using Lemon Drizzle Natural Flavoured Icing Sugar, or combine flavours. For example, use our Orange Natural Flavoured Icing Sugar for making the Caramel and our delicious Jaffa Twist for making the shortbreads.

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This Vegan Caramel Shortbread recipe is so rich, delicious, and satisfying. A definite must-try in your home.

This recipe is one that you will return to time and time again. Furthermore, the shortbreads don’t go dry around the edges.

Once made it will last for about a week in a airtight container.

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Vegan Millionaires Shortbread Ingredients

Shortbread Base
175g Self Raising Flour
125g Dairy Free Butter
50g of Sugar and Crumbs Salted Caramel Natural Flavoured Icing Sugar of your choice
225g Light Soft Brown Sugar
225g Sugar and Crumbs Salted Caramel Natural Flavoured Icing Sugar
400g Condensed Coconut Milk
225g Vegan/Dairy Free Butter
220g Maple Syrup
200g Vegan Chocolate


1. Preheat the oven to 190 C, 375 F, Gas mark 5. Grease and line a 8″x8″ brownie tin.

Make the Caramel

1. Start by making the caramel as this takes the longest to get ready.

2. Add the caramel ingredients together in a pan and heat on a medium setting, bring to the boil then let simmer for about 20 minutes until the mixture reaches approx 240c, has thickened and has turned a lovely caramel colour.

Make the Shortbread

3. In a clean mixing bowl add the flour, icing sugar and butter/spread together to make fine breadcrumbs and then spread this out in the tin evenly pushing it all down firmly, pierce with a fork and bake for 20 minutes until golden, set aside to cool.

4. When the caramel is ready pour this over the shortbread base and spread evenly, leave to cool completely then place in the fridge for approx 1 hour until set.

5. Break the chocolate into pieces and melt in a bowl over a pan of simmering water, when its fully melted spread over the top of the caramel and then leave to harden this will take approx 3o minutes to 1 hour.

6. Slice into squares and serve.

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