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Vegan Lemon Drizzle Cheesecake

Enjoy making this delicious Vegan Lemon Drizzle Cheesecake for your family and friends to have as a scrumptious dessert.

What is Vegan Lemon Drizzle Cheesecake

The Vegan Lemon Drizzle Cheesecake is a dessert made entirely by using non-animal products.

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Cheesecake Base
120g non-dairy Butter/spread
14 non-dairy Digestive Biscuits
Cheesecake Filling
200ml non-dairy double cream
300g non-dairy cream cheese
100g Sugar and Crumbs Lemon Drizzle Natural Flavoured Icing Sugar
For the Topping
150ml non-dairy cream
2 tbsp Sugar and Crumbs Lemon Drizzle Natural Flavoured Icing sugar

1. Melt the non-dairy butter in the microwave.

2. Put the digestive biscuits into a ziplock bag and roll with a rolling pin until fine biscuit crumbs.

3. Tip the biscuit crumbs into the melted butter and stir until wet combined.

4. Empty the crumb mixture into a lined and greased 8-inch sandwich tin, I find it is better to use a loose bottom tin as you can remove the cheesecake more easily.

5. Press all the mixture into the tin and ensure the base is smooth and even and chill in the fridge.

6. Put the non-dairy double cream cheese, non-dairy cream, and icing sugar into your mixing bowl.

7. Turn on the mixer onto a low speed and gently combine all the ingredients. 

8. Turn the mixer unto high speed and mix until all the mix has become thick and creamy.

9. Spoon the creamy Cheesecake filling onto the biscuit base and smooth evenly.

10. Refrigerate your Cheesecake for 5-6 hours until the mixture has set, you can help the process faster by freezing your Cheesecake for an hour then put back in the fridge.

11. Whisk 150ml non-dairy cream in the mixer until slightly thick and then add the Sugar and Crumbs Natural Icing Sugar and continue mixing until the double cream has thickened.

12. Using a Wilton 1M pipe swirls on the top of the cheesecake.

13. You can place any fruit or non-dairy chocolate as decoration on the whipped non-dairy cream swirls.

14. Store in the fridge until ready to be eaten.

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