Topsy Turvy Cake
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Topsy Turvy Cake

This simple Topsy Turvy Cake recipe is one of our most popular and makes one impressive birthday cake or treat for special occasions.

All you need is the PME Topsy Turvy Pans and you can make this impressive but simple cake.

In fact, with our Natural Flavoured Icing Sugar, you can bake this easy recipe in any flavour. Try to make it using Lemon Drizzle Natural Flavoured Icing Sugar, or combine flavours.

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During our Facebook Live, she demonstrated how to use our Natural Flavoured Icing Sugars to make this stunning cake.

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This recipe is one that you will return to time and time again. Furthermore, the cake doesn’t go dry around the edges.

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As a general rule, we recommend eating your meringues on the day of baking or within 24 hours for the best flavour, but they will last up to a week in the fridge.

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Small Baking Pan
3 Large Egg
170g Unsalted Butter
170g Sugar and Crumbs Natural Flavoured Icing Sugar of your choice
225g Self Raising Flour
20ml Milk
Medium Baking Pan
7 Large Egg
400g Unsalted Butter
400g Sugar and Crumbs Natural Flavoured Icing Sugar of your choice
450g Self Raising Flour
45ml Milk
Large Baking Pan
9 Large Egg
550g Unsalted Butter
550g Sugar and Crumbs Natural Flavoured Icing Sugar of your choice
75ml Milk
550g Self Raising Flour


1. Preheat the oven to 150 C, 300 F, Gas mark 2.

2. Mix all ingredients together but the flour.

3. Then, fold in the flour.

4. Pour your prepared batter into each of the cake pans. Only fill the pans roughly three-quarters high with batter.

5. Place heat conductors in the pans. Bake until done. The exact amount of time can vary depending on the size of the pan and the cake batter. For most cakes, you should start checking the cake for after 25 minutes.

6. Once it’s baked, leave it to cool and remove the cake from the pans.

Stacking the Cake

7. Gently wrap each layer of cake in plastic wrap and place it in the refrigerator for two to three hours, or until it has completely cooled.

8. A topsy turvy cake must be assembled in a way that keeps the center of gravity positioned above the cake’s base of support. Regardless of how you stack the tiers, this physics principle must be kept in mind.

9. Then, frost the top of the bottom layer. Set the bottom layer down on a large cake board. Spoon a large blob of frosting onto the layer and spread it evenly over the top.

10. Stack the second tier on top of the bottom tier. Position the second layer on top of the bottom layer, following the design scheme you decided on earlier.

11. Insert poly-dowels. Slide two to four into the top of your second cake layer. These dowels in fact should be long enough to go through the second layer and into the bottom layer.

12. Repeat the process as needed. Continue stacking the topsy turvy tiers on top of one another using the same general pattern.

Decorating the Cake

13. Apply a crumb coat of buttercream.

14. Leave it to cool in the fridge for 30 min.

15. Then, you are ready to decorate your cake using our Nifty Nozzles.

16. From this point on, you can apply any decorations you want using additional icing, candies, or non-edible embellishments.

Topsy Turvy Cake Tutorial

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