Tiramisu Crepe Cake
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Tiramisu Crepe Cake

If you’ve never made your own crepes before, you’ll be amazed at how quick and easy this Tiramisu Crepe Cake recipe is.

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What Tiramisu Crepe Cake?

In fact, this fabulously indulgent dessert is a twist on tiramisu using the classic flavours of cream, dark chocolate and coffee but swapping the usual soaked sponge fingers for layers of delightfully squidgy pancakes. There is a certain amount of time and effort involved in putting it all together, but nothing complicated, and it can all be done in advance – making this the perfect finish to a dinner party.

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For the ganache
400ml Double Cream
260g Dark Chocolate
For the Cream
400ml Double Cream
3 Tablespoons Sugar and Crumbs Vanilla Latte Natural Flavoured Icing Sugar
1 Teaspoon Brandy
For the pancakes:
1 Egg
115g Plain Flour
285ml Milk


1. First, make the ganache as it needs time to cool and thicken. In a small saucepan, warm the double cream until it starts to become frothy.

2. Pour over the broken up chocolate in a separate bowl. Stir until the chocolate has melted and you have a smooth mixture. Set aside to cool for at least a couple of hours or until the ganache takes on the texture of chocolate spread.

3. To make the pancakes, whisk together the egg, plain flour and milk until a smooth batter is formed.

4. Melt a scoop of butter in a frying pan on a high heat and once the pan is really hot, pour in a little of the batter, tilting the pan, to form a roughly circular pancake about 20cm across. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect as you can cover a multitude of sins with the whipped cream at the end!

5. Flip the pancake to cook the other side and then transfer to a plate and repeat until you’ve used all the mixture. Leave the pancakes to cool completely.

6. In a large mixing bowl stir the Sugar and Crumbs Vanilla Latte Natural Flavoured Icing Sugar and brandy through the double cream. Beat with a whisk until soft peaks are just forming – be careful not to overbeat it.

7. To assemble the cake, layout a pancake and spread with a thin layer of ganache – don’t be tempted to put too much on as you’ve got a lot of layers to build up. Repeat until you’ve used all the pancakes and then cover the whole thing with your prepared whipped cream.

8. Finish off with a grating of dark chocolate and serve in dainty slices.

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