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Strawberry and Mascarpone Cake with Meringue Topper

A lovely light and moist cake oozing with a creamy filling and beautiful berry’s.  A treat that will definitely win there heart. 

What is Strawberry and mascarpone Cake?

A strawberry flavour sponge with a deliciously creamy and berries filling. Light and moist.  

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Equipment List 

2 x Cake tins 6 Inch or 8 Inch for a less deep cake

Parchment paper

Mixer or bowl with handheld mixer

A Couple of bowls 

Whisk attachment


Teaspoon/Tablespoon and a Spatula


200g Sugar and Crumbs Strawberry Milkshake or Strawberries and Cream Icing Sugar
180g Caster Sugar
3 Large Eggs-Beaten 
120ml Vegetable Oil
120g Sour Cream or Greek Yoghurt
350g Plain Flour
3 Tsp Baking Powder
1/2 tsp Salt
300ml Semi Skimmed Milk
Pink Food Colouring (optional)
165g Sugar and Crumbs Strawberry Milkshake or Strawberries and Cream Icing sugar
450g Mascarpone Cheese
600ml Double or whipping cream
200g Fresh Strawberries 
  1. Preheat the oven to 180c and Grease the two cake tins.
  2. In a clean mixing bowl add the sugar and icing sugar, vegetable oil and eggs and beat together. Scrape down the side of the bowl with a spatula in between mixing.
  3. Add in the sour cream or yoghurt and beat into the mix until fully combined.
  4. In a separate bowl add the flour, baking powder and salt and mix together, add half of this mix to the wet ingredients and mix at a low speed, whilst this is mixing add in half of the milk, mix until the flour can’t be seen. Next add in the remaining half of the dry ingredients and the remaining milk, if using colouring add this now too, mix till the ingredients are just combined and we don’t want to lose the lightness.
  5. Divide the batter between the two cake tins evenly and bake in the oven for 25 mins then check with a skewer if baked from there. Leave to cool completely.
  6. Filling – Whilst the cake is cooling make the filling, in a clean mixing bowl add the mascarpone and beat on a medium speed with a whisk attachment until broken down, gradually add the cream and the icing sugar, the mascarpone will turn to a liquid consistency, increase the speed of the mixer to a medium-high setting and whisk until the mixture becomes soft peaks.
  7. To assemble – Cut each sponge into half and remove any domed tops so they are level. Place the bottom sponge on a cake board or serving plate and then add a dollop of the creamy mixture onto the sponge, use a pallet knife to spread evenly. Cut the strawberries into thin slices and then place a layer of the strawberries over the top, repeating with the next two layers. Put the final layer on top with the baked flat side on the top, Cover all the cake with the remaining mascarpone mix, evenly distribute all the way around and the top.
  8. Pipe any remaining mascarpone on the top and garnish with strawberries. 

This cake must be refrigerated, its best eaten within 3 days of making.  

If you would like to make the meringue topper please view the recipe here.

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