Salted Caramel Eggnog
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Salted Caramel Eggnog

It couldn’t possibly be Christmas without Salted Caramel Eggnog, and this is a seriously festive recipe.

It’s made with Sugar and Crumbs Natural Flavoured Icing Sugar and a generous helping of brandy which guarantees to warm your cockles on the frostiest of days.

This Salted Caramel Eggnog is a must for us at Christmas time. They remind us of holidays past and of many wonderful memories made. We have used Salted Caramel flavour as the inspiration for this modern, trendy dessert that is all fun and no fuss to make.

Furthermore, you can keep the finished Salted Caramel Eggnog in the firdge for 2-3 days. In addition, you can also try making this recipe using our amazing range of Natural Flavoured Icing Sugars and Cocoa Powders! Try to combine them too.

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What is Salted Caramel Eggnog?

Eggnog, historically also known as milk punch or egg milk punch, is a rich, chilled, sweetened, dairy-based beverage. It is traditionally made with milk, cream, sugar, whipped egg whites, and egg yolks (which gives it a frothy texture, and its name). In some contexts, distilled spirits such as brandy, rum, whisky or bourbon are added to the drink.


2 Egg Yoks
350ml Whole Milk
120ml Double Cream
Half Vanilla Pod
65g Sugar and Crumbs Salted Caramel Natural Flavoured Icing Sugar
60ml Brandy


1. Start by pouring the milk and cream into a saucepan and placing on a medium heat. Slit the vanilla pod open and scrape the seeds into the milk then put the pod itself in too. Heat until it’s just boiling then remove it from the heat and set it aside to steep.

2. Whisk together the egg yolks and the Sugar and Crumbs Salted Caramel Natural Flavoured Icing Sugar (or any flavour of your choice) until you have a thick, pale yellow mixture. Add this to the infused milk and cream and whisk to bring everything together.

3. Add the brandy with a generous hand, whisk again briefly and then pour out and serve. Cheers!

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