Raspberry Marzipan Easter Eggs
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Raspberry Marzipan Easter Eggs

Enjoy making these yummy and elegant Raspberry Marzipan Easter Eggs… a simple recipe using our Natural Flavoured Icing Sugars.

Try this homemade marzipan, flavoured with Sugar and Crumbs Raspberry Ripple Natural Flavoured Icing Sugar, and wrapped in smooth white chocolate.

Hooray for spring! It’s nearly Easter and that means longer days, warmer weather and the promise of summer. In fact, we decided to celebrate with these cute and elegant Marzipan Easter Eggs. They’re also really easy and rather delicious.

Apart from their fantastic taste, the best thing about these marzipan Easter eggs is how simple they are to make. Don’t let the petite size of these beauties easily fool you, but the recipe is really simple.

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Ingredients Raspberry Marzipan Easter Eggs

75g Sugar and Crumbs Raspberry Ripple Natural Flavoured Icing Sugars
75g Plain White Icing Sugar
100g Ground Almonds
75ml Water
1 Egg White
To decorate:
200g White Chocolate
Blue Gel Food Colouring
Sugar and Crumbs Natual Flavoured Cocoa Powder of your choice


1. Fill your sink about a third of the way with cold water and add a few ice cubes. This is a water bath that you will use to stop your sugar solution cooking at exactly the right moment so it’s good to have it ready in advance.

Make the marzipan.

2. Gently heat the water and the two sugars, stirring regularly, until the sugar has completely dissolved. Then increase the heat until the mixture starts bubbling and use the thermometer to keep a close eye on the temperature. As soon as it hits the ‘soft-ball’ stage (114°C/238°F) remove from the heat and dip the bottom of the pan, for two seconds only, into the prepared iced water.

3. Quickly and carefully dry the bottom of the pan with a tea-towel then turn the heat right down and return it to the hob. Add the ground almonds and stir through, then add the egg white and stir again. Don’t worry if the sugar mixture seems to have turned to concrete, that just means you kept it in the cold water for slightly too long. It should loosen up when it’s back on the heat and you should be able to bring it all together in a nice thick mixture. Scoop it out onto a clean plate and leave to cool for a few minutes.

4. Dust a clean work surface with icing sugar and knead the marzipan for a few minutes until it’s nice and smooth and holds together. 5. Pinch off blobs of marzipan about the size of a fifty pence piece and roll into an egg shape between your palms. To look realistic, they should be narrower at one end than the other. Place the finished eggs on a plate and put them in the fridge for about half an hour.

Prepare the melted white chocolate

6. Break up the white chocolate and microwave in thirty second bursts, making sure to stir it each time otherwise it’ll burn. Once it’s completely smooth and melted, allow cooling for a few minutes before adding a small squeeze of the blue gel food colouring and stirring through for an even colour.

7. Prepare a flat board with a sheet of baking parchment. One at a time put the marzipan eggs into the melted chocolate and use a spoon to cover them completely. Lift them out with another spoon allowing all the excess to drip off, before placing carefully on the board. Once they’re all done, put them in the fridge for about 30 minutes to solidify.

8. For the final finishing touch dust the narrow end of each egg with a little cocoa powder.

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