Peppermint Coffee Creams
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Peppermint Coffee Creams

There’s something about the combination of chocolate, coffee and mint that’s fabulously indulgent. This Peppermint Coffee Creams recipe is perfect for a gift or for nibbles after a dinner party.

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What are Peppermint Coffee Creams?

In fact, they are simple, creamy, peppermint treats, that you can make with just a handful of ingredients. They make a tasty homemade gift for anyone with a sweet tooth. Perfect for any ocassion.

It brings chocolate, coffee and mint together to make beautiful little bonbons that look elegant but are surprisingly easy to make.

Once they have cooled, you can store them in an airtight container in the firdge for up to 1 week.

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200g Sugar and Crumbs Vanilla Latte Natural Flavoured Icing Sugar (or any flavour of your choice)
Very Small Splash Of Milk
1-2 drops Peppermint Essence
200g White Chocolate
50g Dark Chocolate
Small Bunch Fresh Mint


1. First of all, mix the Sugar and Crumbs Vanilla Latte Icing Sugar with the milk and peppermint essence – you only need a very small amount of each – to create a really stiff paste that you can mould with your hands.

2. Shape into balls about the size of a 2p piece, and then wet a spoon with cold water and use the back to flatten the balls into rounds.

3. Place in the fridge to set for at least four hours.

4. While the creams are setting, make the chocolate mint leaves to decorate. Melt the dark chocolate in the microwave, in thirty second bursts, stirring each time.

5. Then, separate the mint leaves from their stalks and brush the back of each one with a layer of chocolate, thick enough that you can’t see the veins in the leaves. Lay on a plate and put in the fridge to set.

Leave it to cool

6. When the coffee creams have been in the fridge for at least four hours, you can coat them in the white chocolate. Melt in the microwave as above, and allow to cool for a few minutes.

7. Lay out a sheet of siliconized baking parchment or cellophane – I find it best to tape it flat to a chopping board so you can then easily put it in the fridge. Place a coffee cream in the melted white chocolate, spoon more over the top, and then lift out with a fork, allowing any excess to drip off.

8. Place on the prepared sheet and repeat with the rest, then put in the fridge to set.

9. When the white chocolate is cool but still a little sticky, put the chocolate leaves on top. Carefully peel the mint leaves away from the dark chocolate to leave an impression behind, and then lay one on the top of each bonbon.

Peppermint Coffee Creams Tutorial

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