Mulled Wine Crumble Friands

Mulled Wine Crumble Friands

By February 28, 2018

Mulled Wine Crumble Friands, these are so moist but crumbly, delicious served hot or cold

  • Prep Time : 20 minutes
  • Cook Time : 25 minutes
  • Yield : 12



1- Heat Oven to 190c Gas 5, Make the Crumble topping by adding all the crumble ingredients together in a bowl and rubbing together until it looks like breadcrumbs, set aside.
2- For the batter
Melt the butter in a pan or microwave and then set aside to cool, grease a 12 hole friand tin with butter or cake release
3- Sift the dry ingredients into a mixing bowl, in a separate bowl whisk the egg whites until they are light and frothy and doubled in size. Chop 1 apple into chunks and add to the dry ingredients, thinly slice the other apple and set aside.
4- Fold the egg whites into the bowl of dry ingredients until all is incorporated, then fold in the melted butter until you cant see any separation.
5- Divide the batter between the 12 friand holes and then put one slice of the apple on top of each.
6- Sprinkle over the crumble you made earlier and bake in the oven for 25 mins until golden and have risen well.
7- Cool in the tin for 5 mins before turning out on to a wire cooling rack.

Enjoy x

Credits:Laura - Sugar and Crumbs Kitchen

So delicious we early didnt have any to take a photo of, lovely christmas treat They will keep for 2 days after making.

Mulled Wine Crumble Friands

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