Mirror Glaze Cake
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Mirror Glaze Cake

Mirror Glaze cake is a shiny cake made by pouring a delicious chocolate sugar glaze that has gelatin in it over a frozen cake, called an entremet (oooh so french).

In addition, it’s the best way to impress your friends and family!Mirror glaze cakes have taken the internet by storm, and we decided to invite Francesca Falbo to show us how to make it.

Furthermore, one of the advantages of this dessert is that you can prepare it in advance, eliminating some stress on the day of your party! You can freeze the cake for up to 1 month, making sure that they are suitably wrapped to reduce the risk of freezer burn.

Francesca Falbo from Sugarcoated is one of our amazing cake artists who joined us into the Sugar and Crumbs Kitchen for a Facebook Live.

During our Facebook Live, she demonstrated how to make this stunning Mirror Glaze cake.

You can also catch up our Facebook Live here.

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We would like to thank Francisca Falbo who gave us this yummy Cake recipe.


For the Mousse Cake
350g Double Cream
370g White or Milk Chocolate
12g Gelatine
400g Double Cream
30ml Lemon Juice
For the Mirror Glaze
150g White Chocolate
100g Condensed Milk
11g Gelatine
150g Glucose
150g Caster Sugar
75ml Water
Food Colouring Gel


For the mousse:

1. Add the gelatin to the cold water and allow to bloom.

2. Heat in a pan 350g double cream at 80°.

3. Then add the bloomed gelatin.

4. In a plastic bowl add the chocolate and combine with the cream blending them together.

5. Then, heat up the lemon juice then add it and blend in again.

6. While this mixture is cooling down to about 30° start whipping 400g of cold double cream in the mixer.

7. Incorporate the cream gently to the chocolate.

To make the glaze:

8. Add the gelatine to the cold water and allow to bloom.

9. Put the sugar, water and glucose in a pan and boil till the foam almost disappears.

10. In a jug put the chocolate, condensed milk and bloomed gelatine.

11. Put the sugar mixture in the jug and blend with the hand blender.

What is a Mirror Glaze Cake?

Traditional mirror glaze recipes can seem complicated! However, at the base of every mirror glaze recipe, sugar and gelatin are the key ingredients.

Most recipes heat the mixture to allow the gelatin to dissolve and combine with the other ingredients. The glaze is then allowed to cool a bit before being poured over a chilled cake.

A lot of what gives the mirror glaze its shine is it being poured at the right temperature, which is around 110 degrees F.

Traditional mirror glaze recipes set at 90 degrees F, so they have to be warmer when they’re poured.

Mirror Glaze Cake Tutorial

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  1. Do you have to put buttercream icing on the cake before the mirror glaze? Or can you put it on a plain cake?

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