Miniature Marzipan Fruits
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Miniature Marzipan Fruits

Miniature Marzipan fruits are a traditional Christmas treat and they’re actually pretty simple to make yourself.

This is great fun to do with the kids and makes an excellent present for grandparents!

Apart from their fantastic taste, the best thing about these Miniature Marzipan Fruits is how simple they are to make. Don’t let the petite size of these beauties fool you, but the recipe is really simple.

You will impress your friends and family with this easy recipe, and you will return to this recipe time after time.

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Ingredients Miniature Marzipan Fruits

120g Ground Almonds
120g Sugar and Crumbs Strawberry Milkshake Natural Flavoured Icing Sugar
120g Sugar and Crumbs Orange Zest Natural Flavoured Icing Sugar
120g Sugar and Crumbs Banana Split Natural Flavoured Icing Sugar
1 Egg White
Gel Food Colouring in Red, Yellow, and Green
Granulate Sugar to decorate


1. First, make the marzipan. This recipe gives you three different flavours of marzipan to shape into three different fruits. They’ll look identical to start with, so you may want to mark the bowls in order to keep track!

2. Divide the ground almonds between three bowls with 40g in each. Add 120g of Sugar and Crumbs Natural Flavoured Icing Sugar – banana in one, strawberry in another and banana in a third.

3. Then, beat the egg white until frothy and then add a small amount to each bowl. Stir until the ingredients come together in a thick, soft mixture. You may not need all of the egg white.

4. Knead each quantity of marzipan briefly until smooth and supple.

5. Use your fingers to shape into fruits as appropriate and then ‘paint’ each one with food colouring.

6. A few tips on decoration – for the strawberries, colour them red, allow them to dry a little, and then roll in granulated sugar before adding the leaves and painting those.

7. You may like to sprinkle the oranges with a little sugar too, to give them the right look and texture.

8. To put the finishing touches on the bananas, make a little brown food colouring by mixing all the colours together, and use to create lines or spots. Store all the fruits in the fridge for up to two weeks or freeze for up to three months.

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