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Meringue Heart Topper

Using our delicious Natural Flavoured Icing Sugars to flavour and create a beautiful topper for your cakes and desserts.

What is a Meringue Heart Topper?

A meringue made with love for your Sweetheart, this recipe has been used to shape a heart to sit perfectly on a delicious cake.

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Equipment List 

Mixer or bowl with handheld mixer

Baking Tray/Parchment Paper

Pencil and paper

Lollipop sticks

Food Colouring

Various Piping Nozzles (Ive used the Nifty Nozzles set of 6)

A few bowls 

Whisk attachment 

Teaspoon/Tablespoon and a Spatula


250g Sugar and Crumbs Whipping It Up ( Flavour of your choice ) 
70ml Warm (Room Temperature) Water 
  1. Preheat the oven to 275f 100c Fan Gas Mark 1 and lay out a baking tray with parchment paper.
  2. Place the Whipping it up and the water in a grease free mixing bowl with a whisk attachment, blend until you have light and fluffy mixture, scrape down the sides of the bowl then continue to whisk until you have a glossy mixture that has formed firm peaks (lift the whisk and if it holds its shape its ready.
  3. Meanwhile whilst the meringue is whisking draw a heart shape onto a piece of paper the size you would like for your cake, and then place this underneath the parchment paper or your tray.  Take your mix of nozzles and place into piping bags, snipping off a small amount from the bag to make sure the tip is just poking out.
  4. When the meringue is ready divide between three clean bowls, add pink colouring to one bowl, red to another and keep one white.  Mix the colours into the meringue mixture, place each colour in a different piping bag with a different nozzle in each and twist the top of the bag to close.
  5. Place a lollipop stick so it just spokes above the base of the heart and pipe your first blob of meringue here, Pipe sprodically around the heart template outline (watch the facebook live here to see) using all the different nozzles until you have covered the whole outline, do two at a time and then bake in the oven for 40 mins or until they lift easily from the paper.  The base should have changed colour to a light baked caramel.
  6. Place on a cooling rack to cool completely, lift carefully and place on the top of the cake.

They keep really well in an airtight container so you can make them ahead

The recipe will make roughly 4 heart shape lollipops, I would always recommend to make more than one incase you break one.

The rest of the mixture you could use to make meringue kisses or additionally lollipops to eat!

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