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Duffins or Doughnut Muffins


Enjoy making these Duffins also known as Doughnut Muffins a twist on the doughnut. 

Everyone loves how tasty they are 🙂

What is a Duffin?

The Duffin is a sticky combination of muffin and doughnut that is baked, dipped in melted butter and then coated in sugar. Ms Vo’s version of the Duffin, which she devised more than two years ago, also includes nutmeg and buttermilk and is injected with raspberry jam.

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125 ml Milk
85 ml Corn or Vegetable oil
1 Large Egg
200g Self Raising Flour
100g Sugar and Crumbs Natural flavoured Icing Sugar
12 Tsps of Strawberry Jam or any other flavour you might prefer
100g Unsalted Butter to coat the Duffins once Cooked
150g Granulated sugar to roll the Duffins in once cooked


Preheat oven to 190°C .

Oil the Cups of the muffin tin or use Cup Cake Cases if preferred.

Cake Mix

1. Beat together the Milk, Oil, and Egg.

2. Very gently fold the flour and Sugar and Crumbs Natural flavoured Icing Sugar into the mixture, Do not overbeat as the air in the mixture will disperse.

3. Put a spoonful of the mixture into each muffin cup or cupcake case if used.

4. Add a teaspoon of Jam to each cup and then another spoonful of the mixture.

5. Put into the oven and bake for approx 20 minutes until gloriously risen.

6. Melt the 100g of Unsalted Butter in a bowl and put the 150g of Granulated sugar onto a plate.

7. Roll the Duffins in the butter and then into the sugar ensuring the Duffins are fully coated.

Makes 8 Duffins.

Top Tip

Best Eaten whilst they are still warm and fresh



Duffins or Doughnut Muffins

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