Girl and Hat Model

Girl with Hat Model

By March 19, 2019

Girl and Hat Model

We would like to thank Doreen Griffin for her Girl and Hat Model recipe.



Girl and Hat Model

This recipe for the Girl with Hat Model we used flesh, white, pink, black & brown (or use colours of your choice) Renshaw Flower and Modelling Paste.

1. Start moulding the body as a cone shape - slightly bigger than for the baby boy.

2. Shape the arms and legs.

3. Add the arms and legs using edible glue or water, either would work.

4. Make the head and form the nose and ears. Use the ball tool to make holes for the eyes and add the black paste into these holes.

5. Add the hair. You can use a cocktail stick to wrap the hair around in order to give it a curl effect.

6. Form a neck with the flesh coloured paste and add to the head and let it dry.

7. Use pink colour (or colour of your choice) to give the girl a blush effect. For this recipe we use Pale Pink Dust from the Colour Splash range for the cheeks.

8. For the eyebrows and eyelashes, use Fractals Edible range of Calligra Brush Pens.

9. Roll out ball of pink paste for the dress, collar and hat. Shape the dress around the body of the girl, adding tucks and folds to your taste. Don't forget to also shape the paste for the shoes, or use a different shade of pink if wanted.

10. Using a shaped cutter, form a circle of pink paste for the hat. You can shape using any rounded household object, we used the lid of a cocktail stick box. Once done, stick to the girl's head.

11. Using the FMM Cutter Multi-Ribbon Tool, create the shape of the band for around the hat of the girl. You can also use this paste for the shape of the bow.

12. Once dried stick the head to the body. This can be done using a cocktail stick or dried spaghetti to keep it in place.

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Here is a link to the YouTube video.

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