Flavour Shots!

Flavouring Chocolate with Flavour Shots

Sugar and Crumbs has come up with an amazing new product, specifically designed to make their flavored icing sugars with a simple shot.  The idea was to help provide a cheaper shipping method for our worldwide trade market.

These flavour shots come in 50g bags, depending on yor recipe, will depend on the amount required.

We have also realised we can flavour chocolate with our delicious Flavour Shots! So simple, yet all based on taste, so you can make a strong or lighter flavour.

We recommend 10g of Flavor Shot! to 500g of melted chocolate (you can use any chocolate brand).

Basically melt your chocolate as normal, once melted stir in 10g of Flavor Shot! mix till it’s fully in corporated, it’s ready to use.

We have also found, the flavour is more intense once it has been refridgerated to 🙂

Flavors currently available are 9 in total, all flavoras pair nicely with Dark, Milk and White Chocolate, however, we have highlighted what we recommend to pair with:-

Coffee – Dark & Milk

Lemon Drizzle – White

Mint – Dark – Milk & White

Orange Zest – Dark, Milk & White

Raspberry Ripple – White

Salted Caramel – Milk & White

Strawberry Milkshake – Milk & White

Velvet Vanilla – Milk & White

White Chocolate & Raspberry





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