Easter Bunny Model

Easter Bunny Model

By March 19, 2019

Easter Bunny Model

We would like to thank Doreen Griffin for her Easter Bunny Model recipe.

  • Prep Time : 10 minutes
  • Cook Time : 30 minutes



Easter Bunny Model

We are using white, pink and black (or colours of your choice) Renshaw Flower and Modelling Paste for this recipe.

1. Start making the body into a cone shape.

2. Shape the arms and use edible glue or water to stick them to the body.

3. Shape the face into an oval using white Flower and Modelling Paste.

4. Use the ball tool to make the holes for the eyes, add the tiny balls of black paste into the eyes and a tiny white for the white of the eye.

5. Once added to the body, roll out a small amount of paste in order to make the bow for the bunny - add that once done.

6. Shape the ears, using the same Flower and Modelling Paste as the body.

7. For the inside of the ears, we used Pale Pink Dust from the Colour Splash range. Dust a subtle amount of pink on the inside of the ears to give them that extra touch.

8. Roll a small amount of white Paste for the tail and stick it on.

9. Do the same for the feet, and apply.

10. Roll a small amount of paste into an oval shape for the easter egg and stick (using a cocktail stick) to the paw of the bunny.

11. To apply a pattern to the egg, use Fractal's Calligra Brush Pen range.

12. Finally, add small balls of pink paste at the bottom of the bunny's feet in order to create the pads of the foot.

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Here is the link to the YouTube video showing how to make the Easter Bunny Model -  https://youtu.be/hhzrrE2ZU4M (at 1 Hour 37 Minutes).

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