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Creme Patisserie

Creme Patisserie is a thicker custard, sometimes called Pastry Cream. It’s a pipeable cream that is most likely seen in a range of desserts from eclairs to tarts.  Its delicious and just adds that extra impact to your bakes.


Pan non stick
Measuring Jug 


300ml Milk 

150ml Double Cream 

3 Egg Yolks 

50g Sugar and Crumbs Icing Sugar Flavour or your choice 

3 Tbsp Cornflour



1. Add the milk, cream and icing sugar to a pan and bring to the boil then lower to a simmer.   

2.  Meanwhile put the egg yolks in a bowl and beat with a whisk, add in the sugar and cornflour and stir until combined and smooth.

3.  Pour the milk over the egg mixture, mix together and then add it all back into the pan.  Heat the mix up on a medium heat and whisk in intervals until the mix has thickened to a thick custard consistency.  

4. Pour into a jug with cling film over the top and leave to cool completely before transferring to the fridge.  Leave to set for a minimum of 3 hours.  Eat within 3 days and keep in the fridge.

5.  Just give it a stir to smooth it out and then place in a piping bag to pipe or spoon into your desserts.





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