Brownie Tips

Brownie Tips

By February 28, 2017

A short tutorial on how to help you achieve the best brownies



Heres a few tips to help you when making brownies

First the tin preparation

I use a square brownie tin for my brownies but you can also use this tip for a rectangle tin

Start with placing your tin on to a sheet of baking/parchment paper cut so that you have a little over hang on each side

Make slits in the paper with scissors from each corner of the tin (see photos below)

Next place the baking paper on top of your tin

Push down inside the tin and the slits in the paper will naturally overlap the corners so you end up with a neat and well covered tin

Baking Mix

I like to mix my eggs and sugar together first just to make sure the sugar is creamed through, then i add the eggs, flour and cocoa powder and beat in, add the chocolate chips if using and then pour straight into my prepared tin

For extra chocolatey brownies sprinkle a few more chocolate chips on top before baking


When baking brownies your looking for a nice gooey moist brownie, so the best way I find is to take your brownies out of the oven 5 mins before the recipe says so the gooeyness is still there

Dairy Free?

To make dairy free brownies you could swap for an oil, nut oils add extra taste and work well, you just need to calculate the weight of the eggs, butter/margarine and then divide it by 3/4 exchange this amount for oil


Why not add a twist to your brownies

Try adding dried fruit - cherries, sultanas or coconut shavings
Nuts - hazelnut and almonds work well
White/milk or dark chocolate chips
A good drizzle of melted chocolate too

Credits:Laura Sugar and Crumbs Kitchen

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