Apple & Basil Sorbet

Apple & Basil Sorbet

By August 10, 2016

Although this dessert does need to be prepared in advance, it’s incredibly simple, and the fresh summer flavours make it perfect for a dinner party in the warmer months. Apple and basil might sound like an unusual combination, but it works beautifully, especially with the added hints of lime and Sugar & Crumbs Velvet Vanilla Icing Sugar.


  1. A quick note – it’s well worth buying a good-quality apple juice for this recipe, as the depth of flavour will make all the difference. Measure out the apple juice, add the Sugar & Crumbs Velvet Vanilla Icing Sugar and lime juice, and mix well until the sugar has completely dissolved.
  1. Finely chop the fresh basil and stir through the juice. If you taste it at this stage, you might feel like the flavours are a bit intense, but freezing will dampen them down, so it’s important to slightly overdo the sweetness and tartness at this point.
  1. Pour the mixture into containers to freeze – it’s best if you keep it fairly shallow, no more than 5cm, so you might need more than one container.
  1. To serve, scoop into balls and place in a long-stemmed glass with a sprig of basil and a fresh strawberry to garnish each one.

Credits:Sal's Kitchen for Sugar & Crumbs

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