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Sugar and Crumbs™ is a family run UK Company with a strong emphasis on convenience without compromise.

It all started back in 2013 with a chat around the kitchen table. I had recently got back into baking and cake decorating after getting a new kitchen to play in.

I was frustrated to find that adding different natural flavours to my bakes wasn’t as simple as it ought to be.

Out of the desire to find a simple way of bringing a natural boost to my bakes the recipe for Sugar and Crumbs Natural Flavoured Icing Sugar was born. Sugar and Crumbs has now grown into a fantastic company and community with over 20 employees selling 4000+ cake decorating and baking related products all over the world.

Our social community is a fantastic place to learn about all things “cake” and we have over 100,000 followers across our social platforms.

In this amazing blog you will find a great variety of recipes using our Natural Flavoured Icing Sugar.


Carol x

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  1. Hi carol
    I hope you are fine. I pray that everyone is kept safe during this time. I am a very new baker at home. I would like to start making more cakes at home for my children. I have been following you on Facebook and am always seeing your posts regarding the flavourings. I would like to know how these can be used? Can they be used for butter creams icing and fresh cream? Are they all suitable for vegans/vegetarians? I don’t know how to change the flavour or my buttercream.. wondering if these flavours would be able to do this? Hope to hear from you soon x
    Thank you

    1. Hi Zeba,

      we hope you are doing well too. Starting baking is a great idea to enjoy with your children =) Our Natural Flavoured Icing Sugars are completely natural and gluten, dairy, and nut-free. They are suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians, so you don’t have to worry about any allergens =) Replace your normal sugar with this one on any recipe. You can use it for making buttercream. Just beat one block of unsalted butter (250g), and then add a bag of our icing sugar of your choice (500g). On this website, you can find lots of recipes using our Natural Flavoured Icing Sugar, so feel free to play with them! We love making fudge, cookies, marshmallows, cakes with them… it’s game-changing. xx

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