Coconut Syllabub with Strawberries & Basil

Coconut Syllabub with Strawberries & Basil

By June 22, 2016

This light, dreamy concoction is a bouquet of sunny summer flavours – coconut, strawberry, basil, and a splash of rum. If you’ve never tried basil in a dessert before, then you’re just going to have to trust me – it works beautifully with the fruit. Although the rum and the Sugar and Crumbs Coconut Icing Sugar give this a tropical edge, the heady, rose-like perfume of the strawberries and the sweet, almost cut-grass scent of the basil make me think of English gardens in the sun.

  • Prep Time : 10 minutes
  • Yield : 2


  1. Start by juicing 3 or 4 of the fresh strawberries – the simplest way to do this is to chop them up, and then press them gently through a sieve with the back of a spoon. You should end up with about 30ml of juice.
  1. Next, measure out 100ml of the double cream into a bowl, add the strawberry juice, Sugar and Crumbs Coconut Icing Sugar and rum, and whisk until you get to the soft peaks stage – with such a small volume of cream, it’s worth doing this by hand rather than with an electric whisk, or you could very easily end up over-whipping the cream.
  1. Stir through the remaining cream, gently, to create a texture that’s somewhere between liquid and solid, like thick yoghurt. Divide between two glasses.
  1. To finish, simply hull and chop up a few more strawberries, chop the basil and mix the two together. Spoon over the top of the syllabub and serve immediately.

Credits:Sal's Kitchen for Sugar & Crumbs

Sal's Kitchen is a food blogging consultancy - for more from Sal, visit her own blog here.
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